Surmodics™ IVD offers assay developers the gold standard in immunoassay components for building reliable and accurate ELISA kits.

ELISA kits should be sensitive, specific and stable. Surmodics IVD’s immunoassay components for ELISA kits are a reliable resource in the diagnostic industry. Surmodics IVD proudly offers several immunoassay components for both competitive ELISA formats and sandwich ELISA formats.

Surmodics IVD provides a wide range of immunoassay components for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits to identify and quantify sample proteins that act as targets in research of a specific compound. ELISA kits are able to detect molecules, growth factors and markers for diabetes, infectious diseases, and tumors.

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ELISA kits are quick and convenient research tools for accurately detecting and quantifying targets of interest in samples. Surmodics IVD’s reagents include the industry’s gold standard in protein stabilizers/blocking buffers designed to increase sensitivity and specificity while decreasing non-specific binding. We also offer best-in-class detection substrates for color (TMB, ABTS, PNPS, BCIP/NBT) and light (Chemiluminescent) development as well as a selection of accessory reagents including our high-performance diluents designed to reduce matrix interferences including Human Anti-Mouse Antibodies (HAMA) and Rheumatoid Factor (RF) interferences.

Surmodics IVD also manufactures and supplies a line of microarray slides and surface technology as well as supply high quality antigens and antibodies from our partner company, DIARECT™ located in Germany.

What is an ELISA Kit?

An ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is an assay technique used to detect and quantify soluble substances like proteins, antibodies, peptides, and hormones. In a direct ELISA, the antigen is immobilized on a microplate. A high affinity antibody that is linked to a reporter enzyme competes with antigen on the plate and endogenous antigen. The antigen is detected by measuring the activity of the reporter enzyme via incubation with the appropriate substrate to produce a product that can be measured. Washing away non-specific bound materials and endogenous antigen – antibody complexes to determine antigen concentration makes ELISA a great tool for measuring analytes.

In a sandwich ELISA a high affinity antibody to the analyte is immobilized on the surface of the plate. The antibody binds to the analyte, the plate is washed removing non-specific materials. Another high affinity antibody labeled with an enzyme binds to the antibody – antigen complex thus forming a “sandwich”. Another wash step removes excess labeled antibody. The appropriate substrate produces signal that is directly proportional to the amount of analyte present in the sample. This determines the concentration in the sample which makes ELISA a great tool for measuring analytes.

Surmodics IVD is your one-stop-shop for building ELISA kits. ELISA kits require several components including dried protein stabilizers and blockers, sample or assay diluents, in-solution protein conjugate stabilizers, TMB substrates, stop-solutions and antigens/antibodies all of which are offered at Surmodics IVD.

Types of ELISA Kits

This biochemical assay tool used for detecting proteins in liquid samples comes in different types. There are three main types of ELISA kits, observed by looking at the ways antibodies are bonded to analytes.

Sandwich ELISA Kits

Sandwich ELISA assays are the most commonly used assay test. In a sandwich ELISA assay, two specific antibodies sandwich an antigen or antibody of interest, known as matched antibody pairs. Then, the capture antibody is coated on a microplate. Target proteins bind to the captured antibody if present. A conjugated antibody binds to detect the target protein when added. Then an ELISA substrate is added, producing a signal proportional to the given analyte in a sample. Although these ELISA tests are highly specific assays, they often need additional optimization due to a risk for false positive results.

Surmodics IVD’s Assay Diluents, MatrixGuard™ Diluent and Surmodics™ Assay Diluent (Protein-Free) are the gold standard for reducing false positives in your assay.

The two formulations provide different blocking strategies to block matrix interferences, while maintaining the clinical utility of the assay.

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Direct ELISA

The Direct ELISA process is completed when an antigen or other sample is immobilized directly onto a plate. It is then detected by a conjugated antibody, binding to the target protein. Then a substrate is added, producing a signal that is directly proportional to the amount of analyte concentration within a given sample. These tests usually have a smaller standard curve range than sandwich ELISA’s. Another difficulty with this type of assay can be coating the antigen so the binding site is recognized by the antibody.

Competitive ELISA

Competitive assays are typically used for small molecules. This ELISA is used when the target protein is too small to be used in a sandwich ELISA with two antibodies. A capture antibody is coated on a microplate. Then, a conjugated antigen is used to compete with a sample antigen and will bind to the capture antibody on the plate. When more antigen is present in a given sample, the less likely a conjugated antigen will bind to a captured antibody. A substrate is then added, and the produced signal is inversely proportional to the amount of protein in the given sample.

Surmodics IVD’s ELISA Kit Components

Surmodics IVD provides assay developers the ELISA reagents they need to build robust, accurate and reproducible ELISA’s. Our extensive portfolio of ELISA kit reagents helps to increase the sensitivity, specificity, and stability of ELISA kits. In addition, each of our ELISA reagents were designed to help tackle difficult technical issues such as non-specific binding, matrix interferences and more. Our ELISA reagents help assay developers in the continued optimization of their ELISA kit technology.

ELISA reagents are widely used as a method of rapidly testing and quantifying antibodies against bacteria, viruses, as well as other material antigens. ELISA kits are being increasingly used to aid in the detection of antigen (infectious agent) or antibody. This is largely due to the general sensitivity and simplicity of ELISA kits overall. This makes it a useful tool in the detection of various antigens and antibodies, such as hormones, viruses, and other toxins.

Ensuring you have the right tools to build consistent and reliable ELISA kits is essential and that’s where Surmodics IVD comes in. For over 40 years, we have provided assay manufacturing companies and researchers trusted ELISA reagents.

ELISA Kit Antigens & Antibodies:

Surmodics IVD’s antigens and antibody immunoassay reagents have a track record of innovation within the autoimmune, infectious disease and allergen product lines and are supported by large-scale production capabilities necessary for quality immunoassay development. A deep product portfolio, lot-to-lot consistency and large batch sizes provide in vitro diagnostic manufacturers faster time to market.

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ELISA Kit Dried Protein Stabilizers & Blockers:

Surmodics IVD’s protein stabilizers, diluents and blocker immunoassay reagents offer assay developers a complete set of tools for stabilizing proteins over time while reducing interferences.

Surmodics IVD’s dried protein stabilizers and blockers or immunoassay stabilizers, preserve the conformation and activity of dried proteins coated on a wide range of surfaces, keeping antibodies and antigens at peak performance for long durations. At the same time, the blocking mechanisms in these reagents reduce non-specific binding of interfering proteins to maximize assay sensitivity. Our immunoassay stabilizers are the industry gold standard for stability and blocking efficacy. The result is immediate improvement of assay performance in a one-step process for streamlined manufacturing.

Surmodics IVD’s sample or assay diluent immunoassay reagents offer assay developers unsurpassed performance in a 1-component diluent. Due to the variability within patient samples, different blocking strategies are needed to dilute samples to achieve maximum assay performance. Both MatrixGuard and Surmodics IVD’s Assay Diluent (Protein-Free) provide the gold standard in reducing false positives in your assay. MatrixGuard (protein) and Assay Diluent (protein-free) formulations provide two options to use when different methods are needed to block matrix interferences, while maintaining the clinical utility of the assay.

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ELISA Kit In-Solution Protein Stabilizers:

Surmodics IVD’s protein and conjugate stabilizer immunoassay reagents offer assay developers the gold standard for stability of protein conjugates at working strength concentrations. Assay developers require in-solution protein stability for immunoassay applications. Conjugate stabilizers preserve activity of the enzyme (HRP or AP) and the antibody or antigen of the conjugate complex. This allows for the storage of conjugated proteins at lower use concentrations to facilitate optimization during assay development and manufacturing.

Surmodics IVD’s StabilZyme™ family provides unparalleled long-term stability of protein conjugates at working strength concentrations. Our formulations for HRP conjugates, AP conjugates and general protein applications ensure that assay developers have a complete set of tools to address the labile nature of each protein of interest. These reagents immediately improve assay performance and manufacturability of assays by maintaining protein activity and longer shelf lives.

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ELISA Kit Substrates

To produce the most robust possible assays, developers need to evaluate many components, including antibody/antigen systems, blocking and stabilization, and enzyme detection substrates. While the choice of antibody or antigen is often the primary consideration, the choice of substrate also has a major effect on performance. The Surmodics IVD TMB microwell substrate family outperforms competitors for low background, stability and sensitivity with a variety of kinetic rate substrates. Our one-component formulations provide optimal signal generation, longer shelf lives and the ability to streamline manufacturing of assays.

Surmodics IVD offers both HRP and AP formulations of membrane substrates to provide a “one stop shop” for a variety of applications including the development of point-of-care technologies, dot blots, Western blots, ELISpots and more. BioFX™ Membrane Substrates offer unparalleled consistency and quality and are manufactured under stringent conditions that minimize variation among production lots.

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ELISA Kit Stop Solutions & Accessory Reagents:

Surmodics IVD offers several dry-blend and liquid stop solutions and accessory reagents including ELISA plate coating solutions and wash buffers.

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Your One-Stop-Shop for ELISA Kits

Surmodics IVD provides ELISA reagents that are distinctly differentiated due to their high-performance formulations, which make for a quicker path to commercialization. Whether you’re in search of a diluent, protein stabilizer, an ELISA substrate, or any related products, Surmodics IVD offers many products and solutions to meet your needs.

All Surmodics IVD’s ELISA reagents and additional products are manufactured in our ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015 certified facility. Expect lot-to-lot consistency, reproducibility, and optimal performance from products manufactured by Surmodics IVD.