Protein Stabilizers

Surmodics™ IVD’s Protein Stabilizers

Surmodics™ IVD’s protein stabilizers preserve antigens and antibodies in their native state, whether dried or in solution. Surmodics IVD’s in-solution protein stabilizers, StabilZyme™ conjugate stabilizers and dried protein stabilizers or immunoassay stabilizers, StabilBlock™, StabilCoat™ and StabilGuard™ are renowned for their performance and ease of incorporation. The range of applications they can be used in include, ELISA/EIA, ELISpot, RIA, immunoblot/western blot and line assays.

Surmodics IVD offers assay developers the gold standard in protein stability. Again, we offer both dried protein stabilizers (immunoassay stabilizers) as well as in-solution protein stabilizers (conjugate stabilizers).

Our dried protein stabilizers offer assay developers unmatched stabilization of dried proteins and blocking efficacy in a one-step process. Our in-solution stabilizers, better known as our StabilZyme family provide unparalleled long-term stability of protein conjugates at working strength concentrations.

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Understanding Proteins in Immunoassays:

Proteins are a critical component when building protein-based immunoassays. Making up everything from enzymes to signaling molecules and even components of cell walls, these proteins play a critical role in immunoassay reactions. On the other hand, proteins are also prone to degradation. Therefore, it is important to find ways to increase the shelf life of these important components. This is the job of protein stabilizers. Stabilizing proteins will increase the shelf life of either partially or completely purified storage. Even routine storage can be tough on proteins. A protein stabilizer is a versatile compound that will help these proteins last for longer periods of time.

Intended Use of Protein Stabilizers

Each of Surmodics IVD’s dried protein stabilizers are designed to preserve the conformation and activity of dried proteins coated on a wide range of surfaces, keeping antibodies and antigens at peak performance for long durations. At the same time, the blocking mechanisms in these reagents reduce non-specific binding of interfering proteins to maximize assay sensitivity.

Assay developers also require in-solution protein stability for immunoassay applications. Conjugate stabilizers or in-solution protein stabilizers preserve activity of the enzyme (HRP or AP) and the antibody or antigen of the conjugate complex. This allows for the storage of conjugated proteins at lower use concentrations to facilitate optimization during assay development and manufacturing.

Key features to look at when evaluating a protein stabilizer:

  • Ability to stabilize most enzymes and other protein compounds.
  • The stabilizer should complete this job far better than ordinary buffers that are typically used for storage.
  • It should also protect the protein against environmental stresses including heat, cold, humidity, light, and other stresses.
  • At the same time, this compound should not impact the downstream assay or destabilize the other biomolecules that are important to the function of the experiment.
  • The stabilizer should have a low viscosity, making it easy to pipette when necessary

Surmodics IVD’s Dried Protein Stabilizers

Surmodics IVD’s dried protein stabilizers or immunoassay stabilizers offer assay developers unmatched stabilization of dried proteins and blocking efficacy in a one-step process. The result is immediate improvement of assay performance in a one-step process for streamlined manufacturing. We offer three products at the dried protein stability step, StabilCoat (Product Code: SC01), StabilGuard (Product Code: SG01) and StabilBlock (Product Code: ST01).

Assay developers need numerous blocking mechanisms while selecting the antibody titration during assay optimization. Surmodics IVD’s dried protein stabilizers provide alternative blocking mechanisms to achieve the best signal-to-noise ratios for each assay. With the introduction of StabilBlock, Surmodics IVD now offers the best available reagent for reducing non-specific binding to boost immunoassay signal-to-noise ratios.

Surmodics IVD’s dried protein stabilizers offer several technical advantages. When looking at their ability to provide longer stability, each of our dried protein stabilizers offer up to two years retained activity, helping to extend the shelf life of dried proteins on various surfaces, including polystyrene plates, latex beads, magnetics particles and nitrocellulose membranes. In addition, our dried protein stabilizers increase assay sensitivity and reduce background noise. When observing increased sensitivity, our dried protein stabilizers provide increased signal to-noise ratios across the assay range. They are also provided in multiple formulations to optimize lower detection limits. In observing their ability to reduce background, our dried protein stabilizers elimination non-specific binding from the sample matrix and other assay components. As previously mentioned, these dried protein stabilizers have both a stabilizing capability and blocking mechanisms. As such, this one-step blocking and stabilization process offers shorter cycle times and provides an ease of manufacture.

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Surmodics IVD’s In-Solution Protein Stabilizers

Surmodics IVD’s in-solution protein stabilizers or conjugate stabilizers offer assay developers the gold standard for stability of protein conjugates at working strength concentrations. Our in-solution protein stabilizers provide several technical advantages to assay developers. Furthermore, our in-solution protein-stabilizers offer longer stability by extending the shelf life of antibodies, antigens and other proteins at working strength concentrations. In addition, they offer retained activity of enzymes in solution for up to two years.

Our in-solution protein stabilizers also offer a wide variety of options for assay developers. When looking at their assay compatibility, we offer multiple formulations with different stabilizing mechanisms to satisfy different enzyme/protein requirements. Our formulations include protein-free and BSA-free formulations that are able to satisfy the background requirements for specific assay systems and stabilizes enzymes and control materials in ELISA/EIA, ELISpot, RIA, immunoblots and microarrays applications.

Along with our dried protein stabilizers, Surmodics IVD’s in-solution protein stabilizers offer ease of manufacturing and incorporates easily into assay production protocols to reduce costs and cycle times. All of Surmodics IVD’s reagents are manufactured in our ISO :2016 and 9001:2015 certified facility to ensure the highest level of quality and lot-to-lot consistency.

StabilZyme™ Family:

Our formulations for HRP conjugates, AP conjugates and protein applications ensure that assay developers have a complete set of tools to address the labile nature of each protein of interest. These reagents immediately improve assay performance and manufacturability of assays by maintaining protein activity and longer shelf life.

Surmodics IVD’s StabilZyme HRP (Product Code: SZ02), StabilZyme Protein-Free (Product Code: SZPF) and StabilZyme NOBLE (Product Code: SZ04) stabilizers provide the assay developer a complete set of tools to stabilize different HRP conjugates for long term, in-solution stability.

StabilZyme SELECT™ stabilizer (Product Code: SZ03) is a general purpose in-solution protein stabilizer that can be used for HRP conjugates, standards and controls in immunoassay applications.

StabilZyme AP (Product Code: SA01) and StabilZyme Protein-Free AP (Product Code: SAPF) stabilizers provide assay developers a complete set of tools to stabilize different AP conjugates for long term, in-solution stability.

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