Glycyl-tRNA Synthetase (EJ)

For mRNA translation at the ribosomes, amino acids are covalently attached ("loaded") onto their respective tRNAs by specific amino-acyl-tRNA synthetases. Glycyl-tRNA synthetase (EJ) is specific for the amino acid glycine. DIARECT™ antigens are for further manufacturing or research use only.

Recombinant. Expressed by recombinant baculovirus (Autographa californica multiple nuclear polyhedrosis virus; AcMNPV) infection of Spodoptera frugiperda Sf9 insect cells.
Biochemical Test
SDS-PAGE (purity> 80%); Western blot with i: anti-EJ autoantibody-­positive sample; ii: monoclonal anti­-His-tag antibody.
Calculated Molecular Weight
79 kDa
Calculated Isoelectric Point
pH 6.17


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Glycyl-tRNA Synthetase (EJ)
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Glycyl-tRNA Synthetase (EJ)
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