About Us

Surmodics offers a broad array of advanced technologies to enable the performance and enhance the functionality of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. For our customers, we are more than a highly reliable company. We are a collaborative strategic partner—the one they turn to for solutions that get them from concept to commercialization faster by leveraging proven experience. On a corporate level, we improve patient lives and support customer objectives through technology innovation. That means: Providing responsive, knowledgeable support to achieve your specific needs Developing process improvements that yield cost savings throughout the product life cycle Serving as a trusted partner to help you uphold the highest quality standards For our medical device customers, we deliver best-in-class coating solutions, customized to meet each manufacturer’s specific needs. We are: Chosen by top medical device manufactures for our proven performance, quality, regulatory, and manufacturing advantages Known for the flexibility and speed of our solutions Developers of the patented PhotoLink® technology to photo-initiate a covalent bond to device substrates – the preferred approach to surface modification Creators of tunable drug delivery coatings and implant technologies that can be customized to meet therapeutic dosing and duration requirements For our in vitro diagnostic customers, we provide best-in-class assay components and technologies. We offer customers: Solutions to create new tests or achieve new functionality High-quality, readily available protein stabilization reagents, colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrates, recombinant autoimmune antigens, accessory reagents, and activated slides for DNA and protein microarrays Remarkably responsive, collaborative technical support to serve as an extension of your team