Protein Stabilizers / Blockers

Protein stabilizers keep antigens and antibodies, both non-modified and modified, in their native state. SurModics IVD protein stabilization reagents ensure worry-free development and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic products that utilize antigens and/or antibodies as key components, including immunoassays, conjugates, and microarrays.

Immunoassay Stabilizers
StabilCoat® & StabilGuard® Immunoassay Stabilizers block and preserve activity of dried proteins on a variety of surfaces to enable optimal workflow during assay manufacturing. The different blocking strengths provide the assay developer the flexibility to optimize the ELISA during the development phase.
Microarray Stabilizers
These microarray stabilizers preserve the conformation and activity of proteins bound to microspheres and protein microarrays stored long-term in solution or in the dried state. They produce more accurate results by increasing signal and reducing background.
Blocking Reagents
StabilBlot™ blocking buffer family of products enhance sensitivity and minimize background in blotting applications. Use the blocking buffer family of products to reduce background by blocking unwanted, non-specific binding on all types of membranes such as nitrocellulose and PVDF. We offer small mL fills and large bulk fills for these blocking buffer products.
Conjugate Stabilizers
The StabilZyme® conjugate stabilizers preserve activity of the enzyme (HRP or AP) and the antibody or antigen of the conjugate complex. This allows for the storage of conjugated proteins at lower use concentrations to enable the optimization process during assay development and manufacturing of immunoassays.